List With Freedom Reviews: Are Their Packages Really Affordable?

List With Freedom Reviews

List With Freedom is a registered real estate brokerage that offers home sellers Flat Fee MLS services. While they are one of Florida’s oldest Flat Fee MLS services, they have restricted access because it does not cover all 50 states. offers three packages priced at $149, $195, and $295. But keep in mind that the quality of their service may not be guaranteed. Their packages also lack features such as managing showings, reviewing and comparing offers, and countering an offer.

If you’re looking for a flat fee MLS company with advanced technological features, try Houzeo. Houzeo will allocate your local MLS automatically. When compared to List With Freedom, listing your home is simple and quick. You may also handle showings and offers online!

Should I List With ListWithFreedom?

  • Pros: List With Freedom provides low-cost packages, with listings beginning at $149.
  • Cons: ListWithFreedom has a lot of hidden costs. They charge between 0.1% and 0.25% at closing, in addition to the flat price you pay to list. This closing charge is not stated on the price page.
  • Our Take: For most home sellers, we recommend Houzeo over ListWithFreedom. Houzeo offers better packages, cutting-edge technology, and stellar customer service.

What is List With Freedom?

List With Freedom is a flat-fee MLS listing solution that allows you to list your property for a set price. You may avoid paying the standard 3% commission traditional agents charge using

The company offers three flat fee packages priced at $149, $195, and $295, each with various features. These features include a 6-month listing term, unlimited listing changes, state disclosures, contracts, and more. However, it is vital to remember that many important functions, such as open houses and virtual tours, are subject to extra fees.

Consequently, the overall cost for home sellers may be higher than initially expected.

Is Legit? Inc. is a licensed real estate brokerage operating in 46 states. Founded by Jim Tyminski and headquartered in Florida, this reputable company has been in operation since 2005.

Over the years, has successfully facilitated the sale of thousands of homes.

How Does List With Freedom Work?

Listing your property with List with Freedom is similar to any other flat-fee MLS service:

  1. Package Selection: Choose a suitable package from their range of flat-fee listing plans.
  2. Complete the Listing Form: Provide your personal and property details to initiate the listing process.
  3. Upload Photos: Showcase your home by uploading high-quality photos that highlight its features.
  4. Digital Document Signing: Sign all the required listing documents electronically for a seamless transaction.

Once you have completed these steps, List with Freedom will list your home on the MLS, ensuring maximum exposure for your property. Services

List with Freedom provides three package options to home sellers across 46 states. It’s important to note that certain features like showing assistance, open houses, and virtual tours come with additional charges. Therefore, the initial inexpensive pricing may be misleading.

Gold Package

The Gold Package costs $149 in each of the 46 states and contains the following services:

  • MLS listing for 6 months with 6 images
  • Syndication to Zillow, Trulia, and other websites
  • Contracts and disclosures from the state
  • Buyer leads distribution
  • Free listing modifications
  • Showing assistance at an additional charge of $59
  • Virtual tour at an additional charge of $40
  • Open houses at an additional charge of $25

Platinum Package

The Platinum Package, their most popular choice, is priced at $195 in all 46 states and contains the following services:

  • MLS listing for 6 months with 25 photographs
  • Syndication to sites like as Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin, and others
  • Contracts and disclosures from the state
  • Buyer leads distribution
  • Open houses at an additional charge of $25
  • Virtual tour at an additional charge of $40
  • Free listing modifications

Platinum+ Package

The Platinum+ Package costs $295 in each of the 46 states and contains the following services:

  • 12-month MLS listing with the most number of photographs
  • Syndication to sites like as Zillow, Trulia,, and others
  • Contracts and disclosures from the state
  • Buyer leads distribution
  • Unlimited Public Open Houses
  • Link to a virtual tour
  • Free listing modifications

Is ListWithFreedom’s Pricing Competitive?

List With Freedom’s MLS Gold package, which costs $149, appears to be a good value, but it only includes the MLS listing and state-specific seller disclosures. Remember that other services, like showings and open houses, will entail additional charges.

Houzeo’s Gold Package, on the other hand, outperforms this plan. You can list your home on the MLS and obtain all essential seller disclosure paperwork for $379. You can also add an unlimited number of photographs.

If that’s not enough, Houzeo also offers Houzeo Showings, a specialized platform for managing showings. Pros

List with Freedom offers various benefits when you choose to list your home with them:

  1. They offer a “Money Back” guarantee, allowing you to request a listing fee refund if your property isn’t on the MLS within 14 days of purchasing the package.
  2. You can benefit from extensive market exposure as your listing gets syndicated to popular websites like Zillow, Trulia, and
  3. List with Freedom ensures efficient “Buyer Lead Forwarding.” This means that all buyer leads will be forwarded directly to you. This way, you can directly connect with potential buyers or their agents. Cons

Although we were initially hopeful about this service, our research revealed a few drawbacks of List with Freedom:

  1. List with Freedom offers essential a la carte services for home sellers, but these come with a steep price tag. Similar services, such as an open house or a virtual tour, can often be found at a more affordable price elsewhere.
  2. The Gold package only allows you to add 6 photographs to your listing. This constraint may limit your property’s visibility because it may not fully highlight every room.
  3. ListWithFreedom does not boast a robust collection of positive customer reviews. Past sellers have reported average experiences, often citing a lack of support in pricing and negotiation assistance.
  4. It’s important to note that a refund will only be provided if the listing agreement is not signed, which may leave sellers without a refund option after signing. Reviews

List With Freedom has a Google rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars based on 121 reviews.

In their Google reviews, most clients commended the company’s reasonable packages. It is worth mentioning, however, that some List With Freedom complaints have voiced dissatisfaction with the company’s quality of customer service.

List With Freedom Alternatives

We suggest considering two alternatives to List with Freedom, both offering superior services at affordable rates:

  1. Houzeo: Houzeo stands out as one of the finest FSBO websites in America, enabling you to list your home on the MLS within 24 to 48 hours. With Houzeo, you retain complete control over your listing and benefit from access to cutting-edge technology, all for a competitive price of just $379.
  2. Beycome: Beycome sets itself apart with its advanced technology, allowing you to complete the entire listing process online. The best part is that you gain complimentary access to all necessary legal forms and disclosures without incurring any additional costs.

Is List With Freedom Worth It?

For first-time home sellers, we recommend choosing Houzeo over List with Freedom. While List with Freedom does provide affordable Flat Fee MLS packages, they lack hands-on assistance. Additionally, their flat-rate packages come with additional fees for add-on services, and they offer no further support beyond listing your property on the local MLS.

Houzeo, on the other hand, stands out as the best For Sale By Owner MLS listing service, particularly for individuals looking for help during their real estate transactions. Houzeo’s Gold Package is comprehensive and reasonably priced, guaranteeing a smooth, hassle-free home-selling experience!

Frequently Asked Questions about List With

1. Does List with Freedom have hidden fees?

Yes. As a compliance charge, they withhold 0.25% of the buyer agent commission. Furthermore, according to several List With Freedom reviews online, they charge an extra 0.1% fee in various jurisdictions.

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