Beware of These Houzeo Complaints: Read Before You List

Houzeo Complaints

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Houzeo is a real estate platform powered by technology. This For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) website gives you access to resources and tools normally reserved for real estate agents.

Houzeo has an impressive customer rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on online platforms like Trustpilot and Google. Mostly, customers have given positive feedback for the company’s services.

This is a good reason to start your FSBO journey with Houzeo.

But before you use Houzeo, go through some Houzeo complaints. Let us begin with an overview of the company first.

Important Facts

  • Top Houzeo Complaint: Some customers find Houzeo’s refund policy stringent. Houzeo does not provide a refund if 14 days have passed after a plan purchase or if the listing is active.
  • What Home Sellers Love About Houzeo: Home sellers who have worked with Houzeo have liked its user-friendly technology, customer service, and affordability.
  • Houzeo is the Most-Rated FSBO website: Houzeo has a remarkable 4,523 customer reviews online, most of which are positive. The average rating is 4.9 out of 5 which is near-perfect.

What is Houzeo?

Houzeo was established in 2017 to provide Flat Fee MLS listing services in all 50 states in the U.S. It mainly offers services to FSBO home sellers but agent assistance is also available. Homeowners can list their property with Houzeo for as little as $329.

Houzeo provides cutting-edge tech tools to make the listing process for home sellers quick and easy. The best part is that home sellers can complete the entire listing process themselves.

Houzeo offers four listing packages:

  • Bronze ($329+): For home sellers who want a low-cost 3-month MLS listing.
  • Silver ($399+): For home sellers who want a 6-month MLS listing with showing assistance.
  • Gold (379+): For home sellers who want an advanced FSBO MLS package with full assistance.
  • Platinum ($349+): For home sellers who want a virtual full-service package with assistance from a licensed broker.

These packages include special features like IntelliList Listing Management, Houzeo Showings, Houzeo Offers Platform, Call-Forwarding, and Virtual Assistance of a Licensed Broker. Features vary as per the location and cost of the package. There are no Houzeo hidden fees.

Usually, home sellers spend hours filling out multiple forms. Houzeo’s tech-enabled tools have streamlined the entire home-selling process. You can save time, effort, and cost to a great extent.

What is Houzeo?

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Is Houzeo Legitimate?

Houzeo is a legit real estate company for FSBO home sellers. It is headquartered in New York. The company has more than 4,500 reviews on Google and Trustpilot with an impressive average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

To check Houzeo’s legitimacy as a company, we took a look at the website. The common factors to test legitimacy are location and contact details. Houzeo provides the complete address and contact information on its website. Thus, it is a completely legitimate company with several customer reviews.

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How Does Houzeo Work?

Houzeo is a Flat Fee MLS listing company. You do not need to pay the 3% listing agent commission. Houzeo lists your property on the MLS for a small flat fee, starting from $329. Houzeo provides a powerful dashboard to homeowners who want to sell their property on their own.

You can manage listings, schedule showings, check buyer offers, make counteroffers, and do a lot more via the dashboard. For any queries, you can get in touch with Houzeo customer support.

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Should You Use Houzeo?

Yes, you should opt for Houzeo’s Flat Fee MLS packages to get your property on the MLS. You can save thousands of dollars and get listed on the MLS within 24 to 48 hours. According to a Bright MLS study, homes listed on the MLS sell faster and for 17% more than off-MLS homes.

Houzeo is 100% online. You can complete the listing formalities in under an hour and look forward to some great offers. Get the benefits of an FSBO sale and MLS listing at the same time with Houzeo.

Houzeo Complaints

The majority of Houzeo reviews available online are favorable. However, we have segregated some Houzeo complaints to make you aware of the difficulties that customers have faced in their interactions with Houzeo.

Remarkably, only a handful of the company’s 4,523 reviews are negative. Houzeo always takes complaints seriously and responds quickly with explanations and solutions.

❌ Inconsistent Listing Brokers

We came across a Houzeo complaint from a user who liked Houzeo’s assistance in the listing process but wasn’t happy with the listing agent. The user expressed frustration with the listing agent’s erratic availability throughout the process.

However, Houzeo’s customer support team responded promptly and escalated the issue to the Customer Success Manager on the same day.

An Anonymous customer gave Houzeo 3 out of 5 stars:

The houzeo platform was easy to use, but experience with listing agent was not up to standards
The houzeo platform was pretty straightforward and easy to use. I like the concept of it. The task manager and document uploader was helpful. However, our listing agent provided through houzeo made the experience frustrating and made me doubt if I will use this service again. We paid the premium plan on houzeo which was supposed to include the listing agent reviewing contracts and giving advice. We did not get a premium experience or even an average experience for the premium plan. Our listing agent was unresponsive a lot of times. We had to hound him to sign contracts before deadlines for us to go under contract, and the closing attorney, buyers agent and myself had to ask him repeatedly for documents for our closing to be able to happen on time. If houzeo can do a better job of vetting listing agents and ensuring that they are providing the expected level of communication, I’d consider using this service again.
Reply from Houzeo:

Hello there! Congratulations on selling your home yourself. Can you please email us the name of the listing agent? Our partners are usually on top of their game, but whatever went awfully wrong here, I would like to follow-up and ensure it doesn't happen again. Thank you for supporting Houzeo in our mission to simplify the real estate transaction experience. Send me a pre-emptive email the next time you're considering using us. I'll stay on top of your transaction personally. - Mike M., Customer Success Manager at Houzeo

❌ Miscommunication

Sarah encountered difficulties because the listing agent sent her information that wasn’t on the website. We found only one such review. Sarah’s complaint was resolved and she was completely satisfied with Houzeo’s services and customer support.

Sarah gave Houzeo 3 out of 5 stars:

The website and online help was great and I am thankful for a less expensive way to list our house on MLS. Our particular agent was slow to respond and gave us different information than the website.

❌ Compliance Issue

Robert claimed that Houzeo charged extra fees for non-compliance even though he had submitted the necessary documents. Houzeo quickly gave him a detailed response to settle the issue.

Houzeo is upfront about its non-compliance fee. They do not want home sellers to get penalized for non-compliance and lose whatever they save by listing for a flat fee.

Robert gave Houzeo 1 out of 5 stars:

Don’t do business with this company! They will threaten you last minute to charge extra fees! I gave them my settlement statements for the day of closing and they still threaten to charge even though I was in compliance.
Reply from Houzeo:

Hi Robert - The documents you submitted were signed only by you. The broker needs a fully executed settlement statement upon closing. There's no threat here. We're just stating facts. The MLS fines for non-compliance are steep. VA MLS' fines roughly start at $250. FL is $500. They can go as high as $1,500. With $300-$400 flat fee listings, the agreement between you and the broker is that if they're fined for a home seller's non-compliance, it's passed to you. In the thousands of listings we've done so far, Houzeo home sellers have incurred a fine just once - this week in IL. So we might be a little sensitive towards these. With our technology and customer service training, we're able to ensure almost all Houzeo home sellers remain in compliance and still enjoy their Houzeo experience.

Sorry you felt we were threatening you, and you had to change your 5-star rating to 1-star. Our automated reminders as well as our communication to our home sellers are to ensure Houzeo home sellers do not get fined. It absolutely ruins their joy of not having paid a commission. We're here to help if you need any more clarification.

Last, but not least, congratulations on selling your home. I sincerely hope you can cherish the fact that you saved $6,000+ in commission.

Houzeo Reviews

Houzeo has thousands of positive reviews from home sellers that indicate the company’s competence and consistency in serving customers.

You can find Houzeo’s Google reviews and Trustpilot reviews quite easily. Here are some customer reviews about their rewarding experiences with Houzeo. Let’s take a look and find out what they loved about Houzeo.

✅ Houzeo’s Super-Fast Process Impressed First-Time Home Sellers

The simple listing process encourages home sellers to use Houzeo’s platform repeatedly. The quick responses of the customer support team resolve all the queries of home sellers.

Two first-time customers had different experiences while using the platform. Each gave 5-star Houzeo reviews regardless. Here’s what Jimmy and Terry had to say.

Jimmy gave Houzeo a 5-star review:

Joseph at Houzeo has been a pleasure to work with. It has been a learning curve to do this for the first time but the Houzeo team has been super easy to work with. We got 2 offers on our house in the first 2 weeks. I'll use them again.
Terry gave Houzeo a 5-star review:

I am a first-time user of your platform, hopefully not the last. Being the novice that I am I became frustrated early on when trying to navigate and populate. It is very frustrating and time-consuming, VERY TIME-CONSUMING! Had it not been for your very talented and patient help center I feel I might have given up, others going forward might feel that way as well. Kudos to your organization and the loyalty of your employees. Going forward just help out us slow folks. Keep up the good work and give everyone a raise!! :-)

✅Houzeo’s Great Customer Service Encouraged Users to List Again

The company’s straightforward process and excellent customer service motivated many sellers to list again. Houzeo’s customer support team is just a call away. Customers can also chat online using the website’s chat box.

In our experience, representatives respond quickly to calls or chats. Some customers used Houzeo more than once, like Ken & Sophia. Let’s have a look at how their experience was.

Ken gave Houzeo a 5-star review:

This is the second time I've used Houzeo to list/sell a property. Really happy with the website and how relatively easy it is to use. What I am impressed with this the customer service they provide. When I had an item that got overlooked, I contacted them via the internal chat feature and Sam Young was quick to reply and did a great job helping me get my property listed quickly.
Sophia gave Houzeo a 5-star review:

My husband and I used Houzeo to list our home twice- their process is simple, they have plans that you can select to best fit your needs, and their customer service is very helpful and responsive- I worked a lot with Sharon Z and she was very polite and was able to address all my questions and concerns. Thanks Houzeo!

👍 Home Sellers Keep Recommending Houzeo to Others

We were surprised to see many reviews of Houzeo recommending the company to others. The interface and listing system on Houzeo is user-friendly and accessible.

We learned from customer testimonials that Gen Xers and Baby Boomers are listing with Houzeo. We also encountered first-time users of online platforms for home selling who found Houzeo to be simple and handy.

  • Barry liked the simple process and fast results he received for his listing.
Barry gave Houzeo a 5-star review:

I listed my home with Houzeo and after one day on the MLS with Houzeo I had 4 people see my house. Because of the interest in my home, I was able to receive an offer of $9100 above my asking price. The process was simple and the customer service was top-notch. I have already recommended the Houzeo team to my friend and I would tell anyone that is wanting to sell to use Houzeo and save money and have a team to guide you. Their process is simple and gets great results!
  • Ben found Houzeo’s website very user-friendly!
Ben gave Houzeo a 5-star review:

Awesome service. I will tell my friends! The site is very user-friendly! Had 20 viewings in 2 days and an above-asking price offer that we accepted.
  • Cyril & Rhett found the Houzeo team responsive and helpful.
Cyril gave Houzeo a 5-star review:

The site is very easy to use and the team at Houzeo are very responsive. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wishing to list their house.  You do need to have your details ready but rest of the process is a breeze with this site.  I was able to get my listing in 2days, Open house and showing enabled with lockbox in total of 3 days.  I have selected the Gold plan with Houzeo.
Rhett gave Houzeo a 5-star review:

Houzeo is fairly simple to use and the customer service has been excellent.  Best of all, Houzeo saved me over $7K in real estate commissions when selling one of my rental properties!  I highly recommend!

Is Houzeo Worth It?

Yes, Houzeo is a good option for home sellers looking to save thousands in real estate commissions.

We couldn’t think of any reason to recommend against using Houzeo, given its excellent rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Furthermore, the vast majority of reviews on the internet are positive, with very few negative ones.

Houzeo’s coverage spans all 50 states, a feat accomplished by only a few other services. Despite the few Houzeo complaints, the company has the most positive online reviews. That is why we recommend listing with Houzeo and seamlessly navigating your real estate transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does Houzeo charge?

You can list your house on the MLS through Houzeo just for $329 . Check out Houzeo's other Flat Fee MLS packages for additional services.

2. Is Houzeo available nationwide?

Houzeo is available in all the 50 states in the U.S and offers cost-effective packages starting at $329.

3. Is Houzeo a good Flat Fee MLS option?

Yes, Houzeo is a good Flat Fee MLS option. The company has done a fair job with its technology and customer service .

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