16 Best For Sale By Owner Websites (2022 Rankings)


The U.S housing market is showing signs of cooling down. But even with rising interests, home prices in June 2022 were up by 11.2% compared to last year.

If you are planning to sell your home without a real estate agent, you might consider a for sale by owner website. Our list of the best FSBO sites will help you choose the best site and save your listing agent commission.

» In a Nutshell:

Rankings: America’s Best For Sale By Owner Websites

FSBO WebsitePriceMLS Access100% OnlineOffer ManagementShowing Management5-Star Reviews
Facebook Marketplace$0
LoopNet$79 - $2,499
Flat Fee Realty$199

Reviews: 16 Best For Sale By Owner Websites

1. Houzeo.com

🥇 Best Overall
  • Listing Fee: $349
  • Available nationwide
  • 5-Star Reviews

Why It’s #1: Houzeo has thousands of 5-star reviews. It offers the best combination of maximum savings, advanced technology, 5-star customer support, and listing exposure. Packages: Houzeo offers 4 packages.

  • Bronze Package – $299: It is the best for selling a lot.
  • Silver Package – $349: It includes everything that home sellers typically look for.
  • Gold Package –  $399: It is Houzeo’s signature package and includes all the technology Houzeo is known for: Houzeo Showings, Houzeo Offers, and DigiTransact.
  • Platinum Package – $999+: It includes the assistance of a licensed broker to help you with negotiations, disclosures, and closing.

Our Recommendation: We recommend the GOLD package. You’ll have all the access to Houzeo tech, making managing showings and offer negotiations easy!

» Houzeo Reviews: Houzeo is rated 5.0 stars on Google Reviews and 4.9 stars on Trustpilot with thousands of reviews.

  • 100% online
  • IntelliList Listing Management System makes listings & changes fast!
  • Near-nationwide coverage
  • Listings get syndicated to Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Redfin, and 100s of other sites
  • 5-star customer service
  • Mobile app

Houzeo is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars (3,494 total reviews) on Google & Trustpilot.

Houzeo is available in 200+ U.S. markets, giving it near-nationwide coverage.

✍️ TLDR: Houzeo packages are affordably priced starting at $299. Houzeo technology, including the mobile app, make it the most powerful For Sale By Owner website. The savings are real and the customer service too is very responsive.

2. FSBO.com

  • Listing Fee: $99.95 & $399.95
  • Wide coverage
  • No mobile app

FSBO.com is one of the oldest For Sale By Owner websites that helps you to list FSBO with budget-friendly packages. Their property database is updated regularly so that it represents the most current information.

Packages: FSBO.com offers two for sale by owner packages.

  • FSBO Package – $99.95: This package does not offer MLS Listing. You can upload unlimited photos and one video. Because there’s no MLS listing we do not recommend this package.
  • MLS Package – $399.95: This package includes the MLS & FSBO.com listings. A few paid add-on options are available depending on the states.

Our Recommendation: With far superior technology and significantly better reviews, Houzeo.com is a much better option than FSBO.com. If you do intend to list with FSBO.com, we recommend the $399.95 MLS package.

  • Access to MLS
  • Local broker referral
  • Decent savings on commissions
  • Weak customer service
  • Listing can take 2-4 days
  • No control over selling since it has an offline process
  • No mobile app
  • Add-on features at extra price
  • Manual listing updates
  • Unpredictable broker quality

FSBO.com is rated 4 out of 5 stars  (2 total reviews) on Better Business Bureau.

FSBO.com is available in 50+ U.S. markets, giving it strong coverage.

» FSBO.com Reviews: Read our in depth review of FSBO.com

✍️ TLDR: FSBO.com is a decent platform to list on the MLS and websites like Zillow, Realtor.com, and more. FSBO.com’s packages are reasonably priced. The technology is very weak, and the customer service is lacking.

3. Fizber.com

  • Listing Fee: $95 - $395
  • Nationwide coverage
  • No mobile app

Fizber.com is one of the most popular For Sale By Owner websites that offers customizable solutions to a seller.

Packages: Fizber offers 4 FSBO packages.

  • The first is a free package that offers only Fizber listing with maximum photos.
  • Digital Boost Package – $95: This package offers Featured Listing, Open House Manage, Listing on Redfin.
  • MLS Boost Package – $295: This package includes everything from the $95 package and additionally offers MLS Listing.
  • Premium MLS Boost Package – $395: This package is the same as the $270 package with an option to add more photos.

Our Recommendation: We would recommend the $295 Premium MLS Boost Package as it gives your listing maximum exposure. However, Houzeo can be an excellent alternative to sell FSBO as it offers customizable packages at reasonable prices.

Fizber Reviews: The TRUTH Behind Its Free Listing

  • Access to MLS
  • Local broker referral
  • Customizable Selling Solution
  • No control over selling since it is an offline process
  • Slow listing process (2-4 days)
  • No mobile app or advanced features
  • Manual listing updates
  • Unpredictable broker quality

Fizber.com has a respectable 4.2/5 (out of 95 reviews) on popular review sites like Trustpilot.

Fizber has a nation-wide coverage.

» Fizber Reviews: The TRUTH Behind Its Free Listing!

✍️ TLDR: Fizber provides cheap plans for selling a house but they don’t provide add-on features that most other competitors offer.

4. Zillow

🤔 Largest Real Estate Website
  • For Sale By Owner listings
  • Listings do not go on MLS
  • Biggest Real Estate Website

Zillow is the biggest real estate and home listing website with over 40 million unique visitors every month.


  • FSBO listing on Zillow is free. All you have to do is create your account on Zillow.

Our Recommendation: Zillow allows you to list your property on their local repository and gets you an online audience. But without an MLS, you are likely to be disappointed. If you want to sell your home as an owner without any hassle about the paperwork, you should consider listing your home on Houzeo.

🚩 You Should Know: Agents are heavily involved in the process. Therefore, sellers will have to deal with unnecessary calls. If you’re in search of the best For Sale By Owner MLS listing service, then Zillow is definitely not for you as their listings never get posted on your local MLS.

  • Hides FSBO seller listings by default
  • Solicitation calls from agents
  • Poor customer reviews
  • Unprofessional Agents

Zillow is rated 1.5/ 5 (out of 237 reviews) on Truspilot.

Zillow has a nationwide reach.

Zillow Reviews: Should You List Your Home FSBO on Zillow?

✍️ TLDR: Zillow is one of the biggest real estate platforms but has lost significance when it comes to FSBO services. FSBO listings are hidden in the “Other Listings” tab, and you will get a lot of solicitation calls from agents trying to win your listing.

5. ForSaleByOwner.com

😄 For FSBO Listings
  • Listing Fee: Free, but 3% (agent sales commission) for MLS
  • Available nationwide
  • No Mobile App

For Sale By Owner.com is a purely FSBO website that offers to list your house on their website for free.

If you want to list a home for sale for free then they can help you do so easily. The listings get live on their platform with the ‘Do it yourself package, also they offer simple tools for pricing your home, and with a dedicated buyer transaction coordinator – you can call and confirm each inquiry about your home.

An FSBO listing on ForSaleByOwner.com is only viewable to the site’s visitors, so your access is severely limited.

Now, they’re powered by Rocket Homes and are now a lead generation engine for Rocket’s brokerage and lending businesses.

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  • Nationwide coverage
  • Great search feature for buyers


  • Limited exposure
  • Weak technology
  • Solicitation calls from agents
  • No access to the MLS

ForSaleByOwner.com is rated 4.9/ 5 (out of 1026 reviews) on Trustpilot.


ForSaleByOwner.com is available nationwide.

✍️ TLDR: For Sale By Owner is one of the good For Sale By Owner websites. It is specifically designed for FSBO but lacks in listing on MLS and add-on features. We don’t recommend using it if you really want to save money.

6. Craigslist

  • Free, but 3% for MLS
  • Available in 70+ countries across the globe
  • No mobile app

Craigslist is another free For sale by owner website that draws traffic of almost 55 million monthly visitors worldwide.. It is one of the biggest classified websites. But with competitions like Facebook Marketplace gaining pace, Craigslist has lost significance

Craigslist allows you to list FSBO with a decent number of photos and descriptions for your property. But this also invites unqualified buyers or bargain hunters, who make lowball offers for your home

It is available in more than 70+ countries and gets constantly new listings. It’s features are pretty much basic and popular to attract scammers.

» More: How to Sell a House on Craigslist?

  • Free FSBO listings
  • Ideal for low-baller investors
  • Infamous for fraud reports
  • Not the best market place to sell your property
  • Rudimentary map search feature
  • Prone to scams

Craigslist is rated 1.3/5 (out of 258 reviews) on Trustpilot.

Craigslist covers 70+ countries across the globe.

✍️ TLDR: Craiglist has lost its identity when compared with earlier years. It provies minimal features but is also quite popular among scammers. We would recommend you remain vigilant if you decide to list on Craigslist.

7. Facebook Marketplace

  • Free, but 3% for MLS
  • Available nationwide
  • Facebook app

Facebook is not just an app anymore, it’s a multi-purpose channel-driven for various purposes. People can use this marketplace as a For Sale By Owner site. It carries substantial volume and gets a lot of potential visitors.

To get an advantage over other FSBO home sellers, here’s some advice. Post your home for sale by owner on relevant groups and channels. Make sure that you do not violate any group policy that already exists. You can expect immense exposure of your home through Facebook Marketplace but you wont get help with photography, staging, closing, or any other service.

It can be useful to market your home for sale, as it’s globally accepted. Although it’s not purely a For sale by owner website, it serves the purpose of a ‘Do it yourself owner’.

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  • Free FSBO ad
  • Renowned space
  • Data is prone to scammers
  • Limited FSBO-specific tools

We couldn’t find any credible real estate reviews of Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace is available nationwide.

✍️ TLDR: Facebook Marketplace is a free platform where you can list many things. The webspace is not specific for real estate thus it may not be the best place to list the property. Search features for buyers is missing, as are key features important to home sellers.

8. LoopNet

😐 For Commercial Property
  • Listing packages begin at $79
  • Commercial property for sale by owner listings
  • Provides digital tools

When it comes to commercial property for sale by owner listings. LoopNet is considered as one of the best FSBO websites. LoopNet provides digital tools to help you track how your listings and email marketing campaigns are performing by providing data on how many people have engaged or clicked on your listing.

With an easy-to-use interface, you can then fine-tune your campaigns to get better results. When you choose LoopNet, you can say goodbye to low-cost listing packages.

Their listing packages begin at $79 per month, but they only provide basic services with limited reach. The advanced packages range in price from $649 to $2,499 per month. This is a classic case of – the more you pay, the more you get.

  • Designed specially for commercial property buyers
  • Digital tools let you view the performance and make alterations accordingly
  • Expensive packages for more exposure
  • Unpleasant customer service

LoopNet has a 3.5/5 on reliable platforms like Trustpilot.

LoopNet gives you a nationwide coverage.

✍️ TLDR: LoopNet is ideal for commercial properties. It has a good reach amongst the audience but is expensive.

9. Beycome

😄 à la carte options available
  • $99 package
  • 25x Professional photos
  • 1% selling price at Closing

Beycome is a Flat Fee MLS listing service that provides three first-rate listing options. Here you can list FSBO with just $99.

With the help of a $99 package, you can start listing on your local MLS, syndicate the FSBO listings to hundreds of other real estate websites, schedule an open house, and receive complete legal offers online. These services are only available in a few states like Florida, Minnesota, Georgia, and a few more. Beycome’s package includes online legal aid as well as the listing of your home within 36 hours. Also, You can cancel your listing for a small cancellation fee of $25 in all states(except Georgia)

Their enhanced FSBO package includes 25x professional photos, customizable flyers and brochures, 1x Key lockbox, and so more. Plus they cover this package only in the southeast and other states.

We do not recommend Beycome’s concierge plan as it costs around $499 upfront and a 1% selling price at closing, which is expensive. The services which they’re covering are full negotiation and paperwork support, home validation, pricing assistance and so more. Still, they cost way more than other low-commission real estate websites.

>>More: Beycome Reviews: Not the Best Way to Sell in 2022

  • You can list FSBO with just $99
  • Syndicate the FSBO listings to hundreds of other real estate websites
  • 25x Professional photos, customizable flyers and brochures, 1x Key lockbox, and so more
  • Limited coverage
  • Concierge plan assigns a realtor to you so you incur 1% additional fee

Beycome is rated 4.2/ 5 (out of 12 reviews) on Trustpilot.

Beycome is available in Florida, California, Alabama, Georgia, Minnesota, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

✍️ TLDR: Beycome has decent technology and well priced packages. It has limited coverage and the customer service isn’t as strong.

10. Flat Fee Realty

🚩 Hidden Fee Alert
  • Property listings at $199
  • Not enough à la carte options
  • Listing broker will retain 0.1% to 0.25%

Flat Fee Realty is a For Sale By Owner MLS listing service that provides maximum exposure to your property listings at just an average of $199.

They assist to list houses for sale, by attaching 6 photos to your listing and if you want more then that comes with an additional fee of $50. Moreover, they do not provide enough à la carte options. Flat Fee Realty is not on of those FSBO websites that offers great flexible services. Though, their listings cost is quite low.

More importantly, their listing broker will retain 0.1% to 0.25% of the buyer’s agent commission. This is a hidden fee that they have not covered on their FSBO MLS listing Website.

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  • Unlimited listing changes
  • Free cancellation anytime and refund available within 30 days of purchase
  • Free state disclosures for all states
  • 12 months flat fee MLS listing
  • No services like pricing assistance or contract review
  • 0.1% to 0.25% hidden fees
  • Additional $50 to upload more pictures
  • No al a carte options

We could not find reviews on credible websites.

Flat Fee Realty offers a nationwide coverage

✍️ TLDR: Flat Fee Realty is a For Sale By Owner MLS listing service with affordable packaages they provide decent exposure to your property.

11. Homecoin

  • $95 FSBO MLS listing
  • clunky online dashboard
  • Up to 10 Free MLS listing changes

Homecoin’s most exciting feature is the $95 FSBO MLS listing. They promise to be 100% online, which saves a lot of time from filing the paperwork manually. They ensure a 12 Month MLS listing with free cancellation at any time.

Their biggest drawback is their clunky online dashboard that makes the process complicated even though it’s entirely digitalized. They also charge a mandatory seller disclosure fee that costs around $450 for each state.

Later, if you want some changes to your FSBO listing then you’ll have to pay an additional $95 (up to 10 MLS listing changes it’s free). Their listings get syndicated to Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia Redfin, and more.

» More: Homecoin Reviews: The Reviews You NEED to Read

  • FSBO listing
  • 100% online
  • Packages as cheap as $95
  • Extra charges for state disclosures
  • Hidden fees

Homecoin has 5/5 (out of 97 reviews) on Yelp

Homecoin is available in  CA, FL, GA, NC, TN, and VA.

✍️ TLDR: Homecoin is a decent DIY platform, but has a lot of hidden fees.

12. ISoldMyHouse

  • Packages priced at $299 and $399
  • Maximum Photos
  • Forwards the buyer leads directly to you

I Sold My House is a sell your house yourself website that offers two FSBO MLS listing packages that price $299 and $399. Both these packages offer similar facilities but differ by the number of photos that get listed on the local MLS.

With their ‘Get Listed’ package you’re able to advertise a house For Sale By Owner by 6 photos and with their ‘Get Sold’ package, you’re able to list the property for sale by owner by more than 25 photos.

They too syndicate your property listings to other real estate marketplaces plus forward the buyer leads directly to you. You are eligible to cancel your listing at any time. The most important drawback that we came across this do it yourself MLS website was, not enough à la carte options.

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  • You save the listing agent commission.
  • Buyer leads are directly forwarded to the home seller
  • Free cancellation services
  • You are on your own to market your property.
  • Many home sellers have complained about their customer support.

I Sold My House is rated 4.7/ 5 (out of 65 reviews) on Google.

I Sold My House is available nationwide.

✍️ TLDR: ISoldMyHouse is one of the good For Sale By Owner websites but is expensive as far as exclusive features and add-ons are concerned.

13. LandFlip

😐 For Specific Lands
  • Unique Property Owners
  • For Specific Land
  • Packages ranging from $80/month to $300/month

Landflip is the popular marketplace for discovering land for sale, land auctions, land for lease, and land for sale by owner (FSBO) across the United States. If you own a property that’s more of farmland, a vacant space, or a ranch then this website can attract an ideal buyer for you.

It’s the perfect place to advertise or list FSBO. Their website includes Ranch Flip, Farm Flip, Lot Flip, Auction Flip, and Commercial Flip.

They have four-pillar packages ranging from $80/month to $300/month. With 5 listings to 200+ listings and 10 photos per listing to 50 photos per listing. It provides maximum exposure to the property.

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  • Four-pillar packages ranging from $80/month to $300/month
  • With 5 listings to 200+ listings
  • 10 photos per listing to 50 photos per listing
  • Only Land Properties

No credible ratings were found.

Landflip is available Nation-wide.

✍️ TLDR: LandFlip is a niche website ideal for selling farms, plots, ranches, and more.

Educational For Sale by Owner Websites

14. Realty Times

🧑‍🎓 Educational For Sale By Owner Website
  • Real estate news
  • Available nationwide
  • Advice site

Their content, which is updated daily, has made Realty Times® a must-read and see for anyone involved in Real Estate, from buying and selling advice for consumers to money-making tips for Agents.

They have contributed a lot of articles to FSBO. From how to sell a house For Sale By Owner to Is FSBO a good choice, they’ve covered diverse topics over real estate agencies. They do not have any dedicated portal for For Sale By Owner websites, you’ll have to study to get some valuable insights.

>>More: For Sale By Owner VS. Real Estate Agent: What’s the Best Way?

  • Written by real estate professionals
  • Helps to decide if FSBO is right for you
  • Does not list FSBO

No credible ratings were found.

Available Nationwide

✍️ TLDR: Realty Times is a great educational website for finding information on FSBO.

15. FSBO documents

📃 Resourceful
  • Resourceful
  • Helps to understand the process
  • For FSBO Lisitng Knowledge

One of the most difficult aspects of selling your home on your own is dealing with paperwork. FSBO Documents explains the legal documents you’ll need if you’re selling or buying a for-sale-by-owner property.

Standard Legal, a self-help legal forms software company, runs the site, and you can buy their FSBO legal forms online, including templates for purchase agreements, disclosure forms, and deeds.

>>More: Paperwork for Selling a House Without a Realtor (2022)

  • Explains the legal process
  • Explains the paperwork
  • Helps to understand the concept better
  • Self-help legal forms software company
  • Can not list FSBO

No credible reviews were found.

Available Naitonwide

✍️ TLDR: FSBO Documents is an informational platform and should be used if you are following the FSBO process.

16. US Legal Forms

  • Listing Fee: NA
  • Nationwide coverage
  • No Mobile App

US Legal Forms is your go-to solution for fetching all the legal paperwork for selling your house. The platform is beneficial for owners who want to sell their property via FSBO as no agents are involved. With a subscription fee of as low as $8/month, you can access tons of paperwork. With a $15/month “Premium” plan, you get to sign the documents digitally.

An important thing to note is that most of the FSBO sites partner with US Legal Forms to provide documents at a higher price. It is thus recommended to access the US Legal Forms for documentation work.

>> More: Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Attorney

  • Inventory of almost all documents required in the house sale process
  • Low subscription fee
  • Organized database as per the state
  • Not really a platform for selling/purchasing
  • Attorney may still be required to fill out the paperwork

US Legal Forms has a rating of 4.5/ 5 on Trustpilot

US Legal Forms has coverage across the US.

✍️ TLDR: US Legal Forms provides all the legal documents to aid a seller in the selling process. Though, it may not be the best choice if you are specifically looking for FSBO sale as the platform focuses on just legal forms.

What is For Sale By Owner

The term ‘For Sale By Owner‘ refers to the process of selling real estate without the assistance of an agent/broker. In other words, you wave off the commission fees and assume the responsibilities of closing the deal.

When you list your home for sale by owner, you are directly involved in your selling process. According to The National Association of Realtors, FSBOs accounted for 7% of home sales in 2020. The typical FSBO home sold for $260,000 compared to $318,000 for agent-assisted home sales.

Is For Sale By Owner a Smart Choice?

Selling your home yourself on FSBO sites has its own merits and demerits. Here are some pros and cons of listing For sale By Owner.

Pros of Listing a house for sale by owner

📝 Control over the Transaction: If you are selling your home on your own, you have full control over the process-from pricing your home to closing the deal.
📣 Maximum Exposure: Typically, the FSBO websites have an MLS listing option, social media sharing features, and a yard sign customizable with the seller’s phone number. These work together to provide maximum exposure to your home.
💸 Maximum Savings: You can save the entire listing commission and if your buyer is unrepresented, you save the buyer commission too.

Cons of Listing a house for sale by owner

Selling your home yourself is definitely worth the risk provided you make use of online tools and follow all necessary legal steps. FSBO MLS listing allows you to list your house on the desired market.

FSBO listings provide substantial savings plus maximum exposure to the home sellers.

When is For Sale By Owner the Best Option?

For Sale By Owner can be a wise choice when you have a potential buyer who is interested in your property. In that case all you need is an appraiser to help you with the pricing. And also a real estate attorney to handle the paperwork.

Why Choose For Sale by Owner?

According to Redfin, in 2019, 23% sellers sold their homes without a real estate agent. With innovative technologies bringing in sweeping changes to the real estate industry, this number is on the rise.

There are numerous reasons to sell with for sale by owner sites. For example, if a for sale by owner uses a service like Houzeo.com, they can avail of the services of a full-service agent, typically for a small flat fee. Home sellers, after registering on Houzeo get access to an exclusive seller dashboard where they can receive, review, and compare offers.

For sale by owner sites come with a number of other benefits.

  • Help you save thousands on commission
  • You have full control over the sale
  • You can make quick changes in the listings
  • Help you save time and effort of going through each step manually
  • Some For Sale By Owner websites have a mobile app that can help you update your listings easily.

Houzeo Reviews: Is Houzeo Worth Your Money?

How to Choose the Best For Sale By Owner Website?

We While choosing the Best For Sale By Owner Website, there are certain factors that you should consider.

Which is the best For Sale By Owner Website?

Houzeo’s cutting-edge technology, maximum savings over listing commission, maximum exposure and stellar customer reviews make it the best for sale by owner website.

Some important features of Houzeo include:

What is For Sale By Owner MLS Listing Service?

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a local database used by real estate agents to list a property for sale. The MLS is only accessible to licensed real estate agents. In order to reduce the use of traditional listing, the United States Department of Justice legalized Flat-Fee MLS in 2005. 

These are commonly referred to as “entry-only” listings or Flat Fee MLS listings. The broker only assists the seller in getting their property listed on the MLS. There are over 600 local MLSs in the United States, and many of their coverages overlap. It is critical that you list your property on the appropriate local MLS so that it can be seen by the right buyer agents and buyers.

Alternatives to For Sale By Owner Websites

Listing on a For Sale By Owner Website helps us save the listing commission, provide more control over the transaction, and simplify the process.

It is still not necessary for every home seller to pursue it, as it requires a significant amount of time and effort.

Here are a few alternatives to list FSBO:

Discount Real Estate Brokers

Top Discount Real Estate Brokerage
  • Online discount real estate brokerage firm
  • Listing commission fee of 1%
  • Full-service brokerage

Redfin is an online discount real estate brokerage firm that charges a 1% listing commission fee rather than the standard 3% MLS listing fee. When you use Redfin, you not only save a 2% listing commission fee, but you also get additional premium placement on their website, free professional photos, and a 3D walkthrough.

Despite having more advanced technology than other competitive discounts real estate brokerage firms, it still takes them about 18 days to list a property on the MLS. They have a strong platform that is well-suited for full-service brokerage. You can ask a Redfin Agent for your home’s value using their professional estimate calculator.

Redfin also offers a ‘Concierge package’, in this they enhance your home’s appeal with a professionally managed design plan, for just 2% when you sell and buy with us.

»Must Read: Redfin Reviews: The Reality of 1% Fees, Pros & Alternatives


  • Strong technology
  • Thorough listing agreement
  • Detailed paperwork
  • Holistic services
  • Full-service brokerage


  • Slow listing process
  • Average customer service

Redfin has an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 on Consumer Affairs.

Redfin covers 80+ Markets in the United States.

Companies That Buy Houses For Cash

💸 Cash Buyers
  • In business for last 20 years
  • Less return
  • Unfair Market Value

If you want to avoid the hassle of a for sale by owner, companies that buy houses for cash may be a better option. They simply buy your houses for cash, make the necessary repairs, and then resell or rent them out. A cash buyer, such as ‘We Buy Ugly Houses,’ buys unsightly houses and pays cash for them.

You will not, without a doubt, receive a fair market value for your home. The catch is that they will not pay anything close to what you could make selling conventionally, let alone a fair market value. This is in exchange for a quick and simple sale. We Buy Ugly Houses will pay up to 50% of a home’s fair market value.

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  • Get an offer in 24 to 48 hours
  • Close in as little as three weeks
  • No need to prep the home for listing or worry about repairs


  • Pays less than what sellers could net on the open market
  • Quality of service varies between franchises

We Buy Ugly Houses has 2.5 out of 5 rating on popular websites.

We Buy Ugly Houses has over 800 franchises across 46 states.


  • Offer within 24 hours
  • Presence in 45 markets
  • Charges a 5% service fee

Opendoor is a top instant buyer that makes cash offers on homes. If you want a quick and easy transaction, selling your home to an iBuyer is a great option.

Opendoor, which operates in 45 markets, charges a 5% service fee for a quick sale, plus deductions for repairs and closing costs. Opendoor allows you to request an offer by entering your home’s address, a photo, and some basic information about its size and condition.

If your home meets their requirements, they’ll make you an offer based on their home pricing formula and feedback from local experts. Opendoor’s offers are frequently delivered within 24 hours. It is ideal for sellers whose property does not require extensive repairs.

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  • Free, no-obligation offer
  • Close in as little as 14 days, or longer if you need it
  • Available in 45 markets and continuing to expand
  • No control over repair costs
  • The company has no standards to govern how transactions are conducted.
  • Strict criteria for purchasing homes (no structural damage, no homes pre-1930, etc).

Customer reviews of Opendoor are mostly positive, with an average rating of 4.3 of 5 stars.

Opendoor is currently available in 45 major markets in AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, IN, MN, MO, NV, NC, OH, OK, OR, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA.

5 Tips to Successfully Sell Your Home as a For Sale By Owner

» How to Sell a House By Owner: A Comprehensive Guide for American Home Sellers

Frequently Asked Questions.

Where can i list my house for sale by Owner for free

If you're looking for ways to save money on your listing commission and sell your house for free, for sale websites like craigslist, Facebook marketplace, Forsalebyowner.com, and Zillow are some of the best options.

What is the best website to sell your house For Sale By Owner?

Houzeo is the best amongst top For Sale By Owner websites because of their advanced technology, great savings over listing commission, maximum exposure and stellar customer reviews.

How can I sell my house quickly?

5 Tips to Successfully Sell Your Home as a For Sale By Owner

1- List On MLS
2- Offer a Competitive Buyer Agent Commission
3- Invest in Professional Pictures
4- Price Your Home Competitively
5- Be Responsive

How to list on mls for sale by owner

There is no way to list a home for sale by owner on the MLS without utilising a real estate agent. Instead of paying a full listing agent commission, you pay a minimal amount to get listed on the MLS with a Flat Fee MLS listing service.
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Is it a For Sale By Owner, If I go for Flat Fee MLS Listing?

No. You're no longer regarded a For Sale By Owner once your property is listed on the MLS. But that shouldn't be a problem. Your listing agreement with the agent is usually "entry only," which means it just covers the MLS entry of the property listing and can be terminated at any time. Consider this a technological hurdle to overcome in order to obtain all of the agents' marketing prowess. No less than for a nominal fixed fee. You're not enslaved to a long-term exclusivity arrangement that you can't break.

Can I List My House on MLS Without an Agent?

No, you won't be able to list your home on the MLS without the help of an agent. You may do it for a tiny flat charge using Houzeo's Flat Fee MLS listing, though!

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