America’s Top Discount Real Estate Brokers

America’s Top Discount Real Estate Brokers (2021 Rankings)

High commission fees can put a damper on the excitement of selling your home, reducing your home’s sale proceeds by as much as 6% to 7% in some markets. But there is a way to put some of that cash back in your pocket – discount real estate brokerage platforms. We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching the best discount real estate brokers across the United States to come up with an authoritative list and ranking of them.

What are Discount Real Estate Brokers?

Discount real estate brokers are real estate agents who work for a discount. Instead of charging you the standard full seller’s agent commission of 3% to represent each side, they’ll work for less, such as a 2% or 1% commission or a flat fee. This reduced rate can save sellers a bundle.

Homeowners today have more options to sell their homes themselves with several Discount Real Estate Brokers available for them to choose from. But how do you assess all the Discount Real Estate Brokers out there, which one is the best one?

In this article, we’re going to review all the different Discount Real Estate Broker Platforms and assess them on what matters most to a home seller.

 What are the Top Discount Brokers and Companies in America?

The top discount real estate companies according to our extensive research are as follows: 

  • And several others, but we’ll only be covering the first 6 sites above as these are the most popular ones out there!


  • Low Fees: According to the Zillow Group’s Consumer Housing Trends Report, getting maximum returns was the most important consideration for over 50% of home sellers when selling their homes.
  • Superior Technology: Over 40% of younger sellers desire more control over the transaction. Strong technology that allows sellers to make each changes to their listing and review offers online is key.
  • Strong Customer Support: Time is an important consideration for home sellers. Ability to reach someone during critical stages of their home sale is the difference between a smooth sale and a rocky one.

Detailed Real Estate Discount Broker Reviews


  • Listing Fee: $199 to $399
  • Available nationwide
  • Listings Featured on Houzeo App

Houzeo is one of the most advanced real estate platforms available in the market today. The platform provides the sellers to opt for Flat Fee MLS or FSBO to sell their property. Houzeo is considered to be one of the best For Sale By Owner websites due to the exclusive features and cost-effective packages it provides to sell homes.

The website is 100% online. With Houzeo, a seller can save on the realtor commission (at least 3%) following a flat fee MLS structure.

Being one of the best for sale by owner websites, Houzeo does not bargain on quality when selling houses. Features like house showings, digital signature, inclusive agreements, yard signs, lockboxes, and in-depth information make life comfortable for the seller.

Your listing is posted on MLS and is also syndicated on websites like, Zillow, Redfin, and many more. You can rest assured of 5-star customer service in case you need help at any time.

✅ Known For: Zero hidden fees, MLS exposure, 100% automated process, Listing within 8 business hours with Houzeo Concierge, Buyer leads directly shared with the seller, Counteroffer feature, and Affordable full-service packages

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  • Covers most of the states in the US
  • Best Flat Fee MLS provider
  • MLS listing plus syndication on popular websites like Zillow,, and more
  • 100% automated and online presence
  • Mobile app to access the platform on the go
  • Great features at reasonable rates

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Houzeo has a 4.9 out of 5 rating (1,100+ total reviews) on popular review sites

Houzeo is available in 80+ U.S. markets, giving it near-nationwide coverage.

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If you love technology, high-speed execution, and real savings, Houzeo is the right choice for you. Houzeo is the most advanced for sale by owner platform in the United States and connects home sellers and buyers to brokers.

But then how is Houzeo a low commission real estate company?

Well, Houzeo is a tech platform that allows home sellers to list their home on the MLS for a small flat fee, working with a listing agent who doesn’t typically charge a commission. This saves you 50% of agent commissions right away. You can customize the packages as per your requirements as many services like contract review, pricing assistance, professional photography etc. are available on an la carte basis.

This way, Houzeo not only allows you to keep complete control over your home sale but also your expenses.

Houzeo has nationwide coverage in over 80 markets, and a 100% online automated process. Home sellers, after registering, get access to an exclusive seller dashboard where they can receive, review, and compare offers. Houzeo also recently launched a Counteroffer feature wherein the home seller can directly make a counteroffer on the offer received. You can also request changes to your listing online with a few simple clicks. A full-service agent would manually generate amendment contracts. On Houzeo, they are auto-generated, saving you back-and-forth with the listing agent.

Houzeo’s average listing live time is 24 to 48 hours from the moment you submit all the details and the paperwork, thus saving you a lot of time and providing the quickest listing services you can get. Houzeo lets you save half the commissions instantly and makes it easy for you to find an unrepresented buyer i.e., the buyer without an agent, to save the other half in commissions by allowing you to share your listing on the social media platforms right from your seller dashboard.

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As of this writing, Homebay serves California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Texas. Let’s review this website on each of the parameters important to assess a discount real estate broker:

  • Homebay’s has no definite amount on how much you can save: The average price to list is $4,750, but it varies between $2,000 to $7,000 depending on the list price of your home. Score: 5
  • Homebay can get your home listed relatively quickly: Majority of the information is collected on the platform, but some listing documents are sent manually. Score: 6
  • Homebay provides a full-service agent but remote: Though Homebay manages all of your paperwork, the agents assist you remotely, so they don’t go to your house for showings. Score: 7
  • Homebay also offers limited service: Homebay bundles all of essential selling services into one fee. But, limited services like Transaction Management and Land Sales for a flat fee are also available. Score: 7

That gives Homebay a composite Discount Real Estate Broker Score of 6.25. is proud of its dollars a day listing. It claims to be different by not asking for crazy commissions and big upfront flat fees. Let’s review this website on each of the parameters above:

  • Listingspark offers per day pricing to sell your home: Listingspark allows you to list your home for $7 a day, but it can become stressful and costly if your home takes more than a month to get under contract or close. Although professional photos are included, you have to pay $100 extra to buy their rights for use. Score: 7
  • Listingspark may take a longer time to get your home listed: Some listing docs are manually sent to you introducing a manual step and thus a delay.
  • Listingspark allows you to access what Realtors use to sell your home: Listingspark has a linear interface with documents separately emailed for you to sign. The platform guides you through those steps and provides the same seller tools as Realtors use so you can do what they do. Score: 5
  • Listingspark also provides additional services: Listingspark has a strong suite of optional items including agents hosted open houses and transaction coordinators. Involving a closing expert if you determine you need a specialist to guide and partner with you through the transaction process costs $1500. Score: 8

That gives Listingspark a composite Discount Real Estate Broker Score of 6.5.

HomeLight works with thousands of successful sellers and top real estate agents to create tailored guides and resources for selling a house in any circumstance. Let’s review this website on each of the parameters above:

  • Homelight only provides guides and tools to sell your home: You can list your home and get offers for free, but the traditional 3-6% commission still applies, depending on the agent. And offers may be lower than the market value. Score: 5
  • Homelight helps you get offers in as quickly as few minutes: Answer a few quick questions about your home and timeline and get offers from agents instantly. Although fast, only homes that are off-market are allowed. Score: 6
  • Homelight only provides tools and comprehensive online guides: Although the interface has tools and comprehensive guides to help sell your home, the burden of doing it alone can be stressful. Score: 6
  • Homelight can help you find an agent: Homelight recommends the best agents in your neighborhood for a full or limited service. Score: 5

That gives Homelight a composite Discount Real Estate Broker Score of 5.5. works just like, allowing you to compare agents in your neighborhood and find the best one. It claims to have facilitated billions of dollars in home sales and saved consumers millions of dollars in commissions. Let’s review this website on each of the parameters above:

  • Upnest only provides guides and tools to sell your home: You can list your home and get offers for free, but the traditional 3-6% commission still applies, depending on the agent. And offers may be lower than the market value. Score: 5
  • Upnest helps you get offers in as quickly as few minutes: Answer a few quick questions about your home and timeline and get offers from agents instantly. Although fast, only homes that are off-market are allowed. Score: 6
  • Upnest only provides tools and comprehensive online guides: Although the interface has tools and comprehensive guides to help sell your home, the burden of doing it alone can be stressful. Score: 6
  • Upnest can help you find an agent: Upnest recommends the best full-service agents in your neighborhood. Score: 5

That gives Upnest a composite Discount Real Estate Broker Score of 5.5.

Eager to know how Houzeo works?

Here’s a complete guide to getting you started listing your home.

3 min Video:

How to List Your Home on the MLS by Owner

5 min Video:

How to Select a Settlement Agent – Attorney, Escrow, Title

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find the Top Discount Broker In My Area To Help Sell My Home?

You could do a Google search, go with an agent from one of the national discount brokers like Redfin, or find the top discount broker via is a technology platform where top local discount and Flat Fee MLS brokers offer their services.

What Are The Different Types of Discount Brokers for Home Sellers?

Generally, there are 4 types of discount brokers: 1. Low Commission Brokers: Brokers who charge 1 to 1.5% commission to list and sell your home; 2. Flat Fee Discount Broker: Brokers who charge a flat fee, like Homebay; 3. Sell u0026 Buy Combo Discount: The broker's sell your home for free if they help you purchase your next home, and get a commission from the seller of the home you purchase; 4. Flat Fee MLS Brokers: These are different than Flat Fee Brokers, wherein they are not full service. The contract is limited to u0022MLS entry onlyu0022, and the rest of the sale activities are undertaken directly by the seller. Flat Fee MLS listings have grown significantly in popularity recently, and Houzeo offers plans ideal for you to achieve success in selling your home yourself with Flat Fee MLS.

How Much Do Discount Real Estate Brokers Charge to Sell A Home?

Discount brokers can charge either a flat fee, approximately $3,500 or more, or a smaller commission - between 1.5% and 2%. has negotiated great rates with top discount brokers, and charges generally are around $295 for a Flat Fee MLS listing, which gives you all the marketing prowess of the MLS!

Will Discount Brokers Advertise Open Houses For Me?

Almost all discount brokers will advertise your open house on the MLS for you. makes it very easy to request an open house. Watch this video here to see how to request adding an open house - all online!

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