Honest Houzeo Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money?

Houzeo Reviews 2
Houzeo Reviews 2

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Houzeo provides Flat Fee MLS listing services to independent home sellers at a flat fee. With the help of their user-friendly tools and affordable packages, you can save a lot while selling your home.

To provide an unfiltered review, we thoroughly studied their packages and services. And here’s what we think:

Houzeo is a good choice if you wish to sell your home fast and save a lot of money.

Of course, their services also come with certain drawbacks. But worry not, we’re here to provide you with our unbiased Houzeo reviews to answer your concerns.

What is Houzeo?

Houzeo is a tech company that provides Flat Fee MLS services to people in the US. The company was founded in 2017 with its headquarters in New York.

Houzeo’s services let you use nifty tools to list your property for a minimum of $299+. As a home seller, you get to choose which package suits your needs and select it accordingly. You have to be careful when choosing the right package as each plan has different offerings. In fact, your location also matters as the prices of their Flat Fee MLS packages differ from state to state.

What is Flat Fee MLS?

Flat Fee MLS allows a home seller to list their property on the MLS at a flat rate. You can save on high listing fees by choosing Flat Fee MLS listing companies.

3 Benefits of Using Flat Fee MLS Services

  • Max Savings: Flat Fee MLS companies charge a small flat fee to list your home on the MLS. You would have to pay a 2%-3% commission to do the same thing with the traditional real estate agent.
  • Enjoy Autonomy: You don’t need a licensed agent to list on the MLS with a Flat Fee MLS listing service. You call the shots in the transaction and get to decide the next action.
  • Worth Your Time: Unlike traditional transactions, Flat Fee MLS listings go live fast. For example, Houzeo’s listings go live in 6-8 business hours.

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Do Home Sellers Benefit Much From Houzeo?

Yes, you do benefit from Houzeo!

Many sellers have saved thousands of dollars while using Houzeo’s Flat Fee MLS services. Additionally, Houzeo’s online dashboard and customer service have helped many sellers smoothly list their homes on the MLS.

Here are a few benefits you get with Houzeo.

πŸ’΅ No Hidden Fees Houzeo offers a No Hidden Fees guarantee. Certainly, you won’t be surprised by additional fees during the process.
πŸ“£ Max Exposure Houzeo gives you MLS as well as non-MLS exposure in 47 states and 1 district.
πŸ–₯️ Online OffersHouzeo’s Mobile Application enables you to quickly receive, review and compare offers on the go! You can do the same from your seller dashboard too.
πŸ“±Houzeo’s Mobile Application With the help of this mobile application, you can:

1) View your listing.
2) Review and compare offers.
3) Counter an offer.
4) Home buyers can look for homes and save them in β€œFavourites” for reference.

Is Houzeo Legit?

Yes, Houzeo is a legitimate company. It was founded by Amit Dhameja and is based in New York City. The company has an additional office in Charlotte, NC.

How does Houzeo Work?

Houzeo works with a Flat Fee MLS model and caters to home sellers who wish to sell their homes DIY. They offer common people access to real estate tools only licensed realtors can access. Some users vouched for their technology and we didn’t want to skip mentioning them. Here are some reviews that you may find interesting:

Houzeo’s Technology

Houzeo’s technology simplifies the listing process with the help of its tech. Compared to the outdated websites we came across, Houzeo’s website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Earlier, you would have to spend hours and days filling out millions of papers to list your home! But now Houzeo’s automated tools reduce the time required to fill out the information and make the job easy.

Here’s what Colleen has to say about Houzeo’s tech:

Houzeo Reviews - Colleen

Houzeo’s Coverage

Houzeo has nationwide coverage in 47 states and 1 district. All the states have their own price range which may or may not be economical. Houzeo’s partner agents provide services to people all over the US.

Houzeo for Home Sellers

We looked into the features of Houzeo to see which helps home sellers the most, and here are the ones which stood out the most to us:

Max Exposure

Houzeo covers important Multiple Listing Services (MLS) available in each state. Moreover, they provide non-MLS exposure as well. For instance, they syndicate your listing to Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Redfin, and a hundred more!

No Hidden Fees

Houzeo’s Flat Fee MLS packages are transparent about their charges. Therefore, you will never be surprised by any additional or hidden fees at the time of closing.

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Qualified Local Agents

Houzeo does not have a real estate license, but they have partnerships with local licensed real estate brokers to handle your sale and will respond to inquiries about your property for you.

Quick Listing and Changes

Houzeo is well known for its quick listings. With Houzeo Concierge, you’ll be able to list in 8 business hours if all your paperwork is sorted.

Offers Made Online

Houzeo enables you to receive, review, and compare the offers from the seller dashboard. You can even do this from Houzeo’s Mobile Application.

Another interesting element is the “Counter an Offer” feature. You can check and counter the offers you receive on the dashboard. This feature comes in handy when you’re in a multiple offers situation.

Manage Showings

Houzeo has its very own ShowingTime App, which is the perfect solution for FSBO and Flat Fee MLS sellers. It gets really tough to manage multiple appointments at a single time. So, this makes home showing and feedback convenient while on the go.

Showing Time for sellers includes Schedule Showings, Schedule Cart, CalendarSync, Listing Activity Report, Contacts, and My Home.

Houzeo for Home Buyers

Despite being a tech real estate platform, Houzeo majorly caters to home sellers. So, there was only a handful of services for home shoppers. These are the two features that we found interesting:

Advanced Home Search Feature

Home buyers have a great presence on the platform. The home search feature gives home buyers the freedom to browse through properties listed on Houzeo. Buyers can filter the search by location, number of bedrooms, locality, etc

Make a Direct Offer

Buyers not only can search for their dream home but also make a direct offer on the home they’d like to buy. The seller will immediately receive a notification that their property has received an offer.

πŸ“ Make a Note: 97% of home buyers use the internet to search for homes and 50% of them find it feasible through their smartphones. Houzeo’s home buyers and sellers can learn how Houzeo can help them on their mobile app. The app makes real estate accessible in the palm of your hand.

How Do Home Sellers Save Thousands With Houzeo?

The average price of a house in the United States is $388,211.

Now, if you visit a traditional real estate agent to list your home. You would have to pay a 6% commission which would be split equally between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent.

The total commission you pay for a median house in the US is $23,742 approximately. Don’t forget, that you have to pay inspection costs, transfer costs, prorated property taxes, title insurance, escrow fees, closing fees, and a few more.

With Houzeo listings packages, a seller can save at least $11,217 on expenses.

Many people assume that Flat Fee realtors offer bad services while charging such minimal fees. However, most Flat Fee MLS companies partner with local experienced agents to carry out the listing process. They are proven to be just as efficient and good as traditional realtors.

Can Home Buyers Really Profit from Houzeo?

Houzeo claims to have coverage in 47 states and 1 district. If you are a buyer sitting in New York can easily look for properties listed in Los Angeles, Seattle, or San Francisco. How is this possible? Because of Houzeo’s coverage. You get multiple choices as a buyer to select the right house.

Houzeo’s platform allows buyers to filter their search and find properties that match their needs and interests.

Additionally, buyers can make direct offers for any property they choose. If a seller is happy with the offer, a buyer can buy the house just with a click of a button. All of this, without the intervention of a real estate agent and complete control in the buyer’s hand.

Houzeo Pros and Cons

Attributesβœ… Pros❌ Cons
πŸ“²Advanced TechnologyAdvanced tech automates most data, saving time and efforts. Relying on tech can be risky if its glitchy. It could potentially increase the time required.
πŸ’΅Economical PackagesPackages starting from $299 are cost-effective and include various features. Packages in some states can be expensive and include a disclosed closing fee.
πŸ—ΊοΈGreat CoverageCovers 47 states and district.Out of the 47 states, 5 states have limited coverage or limited automation of data.
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’ΌAutonomySellers & Buyers have more control of the matter. Sellers & Buyers can make errors without the right guidance.

Houzeo Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy

Houzeo’s refund policy is known to be strict. Due to compliance issues in the US, they have made their policies strict. You can get a refund if you fulfill these criteria.

  1. It has to be less than 14 days since you placed your order, AND
  2. You should not have signed the Listing Agreement, AND
  3. The listing should not be live, AND
  4. You have not been assigned a draft listing.

The problem here is that a draft listing is not assigned till the listing agreement is signed. So, it is impossible for a seller to fulfill all the above-mentioned criteria.

Cancellation Policy

Home sellers should note that only active listings can be canceled. If it is an inactive listing, then a termination contract needs to be signed to activate the listing again. Only then can it be canceled.

However, if the listing is on GAMLS (Georgia MLS), then the seller has to pay a termination fee of $25. This fee is not levied by Houzeo but by the MLS itself.

Houzeo Success Fee

According to our research, Houzeo does not charge any success fee currently.

Houzeo Reviews Reveal the Truth!

The best way to know a company’s performance is through its reviews.

Here are some customers talking about their good and bad experiences with Houzeo. You can find Houzeo’s Trustpilot reviews and Google reviews quite easily. Let’s look at these reviews.

βœ… Super-Fast Process Impressed First-Time Home Sellers

Two first-time customers had different experiences while using the platform. Each gave 5-star Houzeo reviews regardless, here’s what Jimmy and Terry had to say.

Houzeo Reviews - Robert pt 1
Houzeo Reviews - Terry

βœ…Great Customer Service Drove Home Sellers to List Again

Some customers used Houzeo more than once, like Ken & Sophia. Let’s have a look at how their experience was.

Houzeo Reviews - Sophia

βœ… Home Sellers Keep Recommending Houzeo to Others

We were surprised to see many Houzeo reviews recommending the company to others. Here are some things customers had to say.

  • Barry liked the simple process and fast results he received for his listing.
Houzeo Reviews - Barry
  • Ben found Houzeo’s website very user-friendly!
Houzeo Reviews - Ben
  • Cyril & Rhett found the Houzeo team responsive and helpful.
Houzeo Reviews - Cyril
Houzeo Reviews - Rhett

πŸ“’ Houzeo Complaints

During our thorough research, we came across Houzeo complaints too. In our opinion, Houzeo took these complaints seriously and responded to them quickly.

They accepted their shortcomings and provided a sensible solution.

❌ Technical Glitch

Due to an uncertain technical glitch, Mace Koury’s listing got delayed. Although, they were instant to publish the listing on Zillow and Trulia.

Houzeo Reviews-Mace

❌ Miscommunication

Sarah faced certain problems due to a slow response from the agent’s end. He sent information that was different than the website.

Houzeo Reviews - Sarah

❌ Compliance Issue and Houzeo’s Response

Robert faced a serious issue with compliance, but the company was quick to give him a detailed response to settle the issue.

Houzeo Reviews - Robert pt 1
Houzeo Reviews - Robert pt 2

Which is Better? Houzeo or Traditional Agent?

Flat Fee MLS listing companies are better than traditional agents. Sellers can completely skip the listing commission with a flat fee. Houzeo lets them do just that. Let’s compare Houzeo’s most expensive Virtual Full-Service Listing package of $999 with an ideal traditional agent’s fee.

Let’s say, the home value is $500,000.


CostsHouzeoTraditional Agent
⚠️ Listing Fees$999$15,000 (3%)
⚠️ Buyer Agent Fees$15,000$15,000 (3%)
⚠️ Total Commission$15,999$30,000
Total Savings$14,001$0

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List Your Home With Houzeo in 6 Steps

⭐ Step 1

Register on Houzeo to create your personal dashboard. Here, you can enter all the details of your house including the property description, submit documents, upload property photos, chat with the customer support team, and much more.

⭐ Step 2

Houzeo lists your property within 8 business hours, which is quite impressive as a seller’s priority is to list their house in a short period and receive great offers.

⭐ Step 3

After listing your home on the MLS, they also market your home on different social media platforms for better exposure.

⭐ Step 4

Once listed, the offers will start pouring in. The seller dashboard allows you to manage multiple offers and also enables you to make a counteroffer. Once you login in with Houzeo you have complete control over the home sales.

⭐ Step 5

You don’t have to worry about buyers, as Houzeo provides the facility of an Open House. Your agent will look after the entire process and provide you with updates.

⭐ Step 6

Now, that you’ve selected the best offer. All you need to do is, close the deal and complete the paperwork.

Houzeo Vs Top Competitors

CategoriesHouzeoBeycome.comHomecoinFlat Fee GroupFSBO.com
Hidden FeesNoneNone$450-$2999NoneNone
Mobile Appβœ…βœ… ❌❌❌
Offers Directly to Youβœ…βŒβŒβŒβŒ
100% Onlineβœ…βœ…βŒβŒβŒ
Counter an Offerβœ…βŒβŒβŒβŒ
Request Highest & Best Offerβœ…βŒβŒβŒβŒ
Showing Managementβœ…βŒβŒβŒβŒ
Expedited Listingsβœ…βŒβŒβŒβŒ
Fast Changesβœ…βŒβŒβŒβŒ

Beycome vs. Houzeo

Beycome like Houzeo provides virtual real estate services in the US. Experienced sellers can benefit quite a lot even with their basic package of $99. Home sellers can also upgrade to a $399 or Concierge package for the complete sale process.

Sadly, Beycome is only available in a few selected states. Also, new or first-time home sellers might find it difficult to work with them as sellers have to do most of the work.

Β» Beycome Reviews: Are they the right choice? Click to find out.

Homecoin vs. Houzeo

Homecoin provides tech-efficient Flat Fee MLS services in 6 states. Like Houzeo they are known for their good tech and user-friendly interface. But, most of their customers agreed that experienced sellers would find it more beneficial and easy. First-time customers found Homecoin very confusing to use.

Houzeo’s interface is easy for everyone comfortable with technology. First-time customers found Houzeo’s website simple to use as seen in the reviews above.

Β» Homecoin Reviews: Click to know if they have HIDDEN FEES!

Flat Fee Group vs. Houzeo

Flat Fee Group is a Flat Fee MLS listing company that offers listing and full-service packages. Their flat fee packages differ from region to region.

For example, in Texas, their flat fee and full-service packages range from $399 – $1289. Whereas, in Wisconsin, they have flat fee packages starting from $299 and a full-service package where the seller pays a 1% commission at closing. Sellers from various parts of the country have great options to choose from but may find them difficult to access due to limited tech.

Most seller-agent interactions happen directly on call, which could be overwhelming for an inexperienced seller. With Houzeo, this issue doesn’t arise as the entire process is virtual and simple.

Β» Flat Fee Group Reviews: Click to see how their large network of agents helps home sellers in the US.

FSBO.com vs. Houzeo

FSBO.com has been around for 25 years and is the oldest For Sale By Owner website in the US. Home sellers can list their house for as cheap as $99 but only on the FSBO website.

Sellers also have to pay additional fees for basic supplies they may need during the sale like a yard sign. To get more exposure and support, you have to get the $399 package.

Being the oldest in the market has its perks, as people tend to rely on well-established companies for services. But, FSBO.com has not evolved with time to keep up with the competition. Many For Sale By Owner websites offer competitive packages that include all the services a home seller will require.

Β» FSBO.com Reviews: You NEED to read these reviews!

Is Houzeo Worth Your Time?

Houzeo is worth considering if you wish to sell a house and save on commissions at the same time. With their Flat Fee MLS listing packages, they can compete very well with others in the market. Whether you want to opt for their services is purely up to you.

Looking at Houzeo reviews, it is safe to say that the company has definitely made real estate transactions simpler and faster. The tech company has created a platform that gives buyers and sellers more freedom over their real estate process.

Home buyers and sellers must understand that traditional real estate commissions do not make sense in today’s cold housing market. With the help of Houzeo’s ‘Flat Fee MLS packages’, you can eliminate the entire 3% seller’s agent commission.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Houzeo legit?

Yes, Houzeo is legit. It is a tech company that helps home sellers and buyers sell and buy properties. The company's services help sellers save money and buyer buy the house of their dreams.

2. Is Houzeo free?

A home seller can list their house for free on Houzeo. But to sell your home with the right guidance, it is advisable to buy one of their Flat Fee MLS packages.

3. Are Flat Fee Realtors good?

There is an unpopular opinion amongst home sellers that Flat Fee Realtors are cheap because they provide low quality services. However, slowly more and more people are using Flat Fee MLS listing services because the service is as good as traditional real estate but with MORE SAVINGS!

4. Is Houzeo available nationwide?

Yes, Houzeo is available nationwide and offers cost-effective packages starting at $299.

5. Is Houzeo good?

Yes, Houzeo is a good choice for modern home sellers. With their advanced technology and stellar customer service, Houzeo provides a smooth and hassle-free transaction to all.

6. Who owns Houzeo?

Amit Dhameja owns Houzeo. The company has its headquarters in New York with an additional office in Charlotte, NC.

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